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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Firm, Tone, Sculpt And Tighten? Legit Or BS

Firm, Tone, Sculpt And Tighten? Legit Or BS

These words have been used to market exercise and weight loss programs and products for well over twenty years.

Most people are very familiar with these terms. But are they legit. Unfortunately, No! They are bogus terms that have no scientific foundation. Lets look at these terms.

After you lost your weight, you have all of this loose skin and a jello soft body. So it's time to firm it up right? What it actually means is that most of what you lost in weight came from lean body mass. This usually occurs more when the weight loss is significant and rapid. 

So you have to tighten up the loose skin and firm up the jello texture of your body. The goal being to be toned or sculpted right? 

What it all really means is that you threw lean body mass out the window and now you need to go get it back.

These terms really mean burn fat and build muscle plain and simple. But burn fat and build muscle aren't popular terms. But that's exactly what you are doing in order to firm, tone and sculpt. 

It's an insane circle of despair that is unhealthy and unnecessary. The real terms you need to know are much more simple - Burn Fat and Build Muscle!

This can be done simultaneously if you know what you are doing. But the average person doesn't know because the industry wants you to stay in the "lose the weight and then tone, firm and sculpt your body" mode. That's how the weight loss industry makes over 33 billion a year.

So the only scientific parts of this come down to being anabolic (muscle building) or catabolic (muscle wasting). Stop burning lean body mass and storing fat which causes the sagging skin and jello soft texture of your post weight loss body. 

Burn fat and build muscle simultaneously and transform your body in a healthy and constructive way. This avoids the sagging skin and jello body by getting the fat off while building your lean body mass aka sculpting, firming and toning.

When you lose weight - you want the weight to come from fat. It's not automatic and those terms are not synonymous. You can and usually do lose weight without losing much fat. It's mostly lean body mass which is everything other than fat in your body. 

The old way will work but like I said, it's unhealthy, time consuming and inefficient.   And you can't tone a muscle - it's not a real thing in anyway. There is no such thing as muscle toning. You either build muscle or lose muscle. 

These are just fancy, sound good terms used in sales - not science. Understand the difference. Be healthy. 

If you want to learn how to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously without the sagging skin and jello body and do it in less time with more retainable, healthy results, then try one of my programs. Learn how to do it right.


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