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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday Fitness: No Break Required

 Fitness doesn't take a break. It is a lifestyle. There is no rule that says you have to gain weight and get out of shape over the holidays and then try to start over over in January. Keep going or start now. Even 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. Eat right and do some exercise everyday. Don't fall into the New Years fat trap. Be fit and live healthy everyday.

You survived the Mayan Doomsday but are you prepared to survive the holidays? What is your plan to stay fit over the next couple of weeks? Or are you one of the masses who will just let themselves go, gain weight, get out of shape and then pretend that some resolution will make it all go away in January?

I am opposed to this social concept that there is some unwritten rule that says you have to do that. It is not the case. You can survive the holidays by doing simple things to make sure that you don't gain a bunch of fat, get out of shape and start the new year in a bad way.

Eat as best you can and get in some exercise. Even a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Just 72-96 hours of no exercise sends your body into a catabolic tailspin of muscle loss and fat gain. That makes January a much tougher time for you to succeed with your resolutions. Take action now and avoid all that.

Be smart about your choices, do some exercise and enjoy yourself. You will be thankful that you did when January comes.
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