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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Personal Trainer Food: 28 Days Of Good Food Shipped To Your Door

It's no longer about counting calories, points, adding, starving, burning things off, etc. It's simply about eating natural food and avoiding processed foods. It's about simplicity, patience and lifestyle change.

28 Days of Food. 3 Meals + 2 Snacks for only $13.90 a day!
And we DO NOT do sneaky auto billing or auto shipping.

It's time to burn fat and learn how to eat. Our food is so good you will not believe you are on a diet. No starving, no counting, no adding, no counseling, no bad food! You get everything you need in our program and we mean everything! 

Personal Trainer Food offers the BEST tasting and BEST valued weight loss program on the market! We GUARANTEE IT! With almost 2,000 trainers across the USA selling our food, it better taste great! All trainers agree that 80% of getting in shape is based on eating right. Personal Trainer Food was created by Trainers so their clients could eat right without the time consuming hassle of shopping, cooking or planning. Eat like a trainer, look like a trainer. We make it easy for you.

Personal Trainer Food uses ONLY Natural foods like Meats, Vegetables, Eggs, Nuts and NO processed fillers, sugars, starches, noodles, rice, potatoes, gravies, etc. Our convenient 'heat & eat' individually packaged meats & vegetables allow you to eat natural foods while maintaining your busy lifestyle. Because our food tastes great, you will stick with it. Because our variety is large, you will not get bored with it. Because our portions are filling, you will not get hungry and cheat. Because it's affordable, you will feel good about it. Because it works, you will love it!
The 'Old School' of DietingFor 40 years America has tried every fad diet and for 40 years we have gained more weight. We have been confused into obesity. Low calorie, portion control, starvation diets lead to a life of ultimate weight gain. Don't feel alone, 95% of all who try this form of dieting end up failing. Why? This type of diet is temporary. It simply cannot be sustained. Personal Trainer Food believes in eating natural foods like meats, vegetables, 
eggs, select nuts. Not 'less', not 'whole' this or 'low' that. It's simply changing habits of what you eat.

Our servings are huge and our food is simple, natural meats, vegetables, eggs and nuts. No processed fat building fillers like rice, pasta, gravy or potatoes. Our food nourishes your body with the perfect balance of healthy carbohydrates, proteins and fats which turns your fat burning switch on! Order Now and start your last 'diet' today!
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