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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Get Lean Program Winter 2012 Week 3 Update

This week the meals have been wacked out. I have to go grocery shopping. Running out of food.

Had some high calorie cheat meals. I've averaging 2 meals a day during the feeding window. The intermittent fasting is working but it's not a fun time for someone who likes to eat the 6 meals a day starting with breakfast.

I'm pretty much hungry all the time yet I'm still under on calories by a lot.

Workouts have been ok but not where I wanted them to be. Strength is coming back. Shoulder is feeling good. Slowly making the lifts heavier.

Water intake has been better but still not enough.

I started using my fitness pal for a visual on the meal plan. If you are on there hit me up. My screen name is ericd6.

After looking at my calories and meal layout on my fitness pal, it reminded me of how hard it is to get in the right amount of calories and the right macronutrient ratio with good foods. I'm way low usually which isn't cool. Work in progress.

Numbers this week as of 13 Dec.
weight: 210
waist: 38
Body fat % BEI: 21.7

Pretty much hovering around the same although I did tighten up a bit this week. Gotta crank it into gear next week.

Stay tuned. More to follow.

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