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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Do You Actually Burn Fat?


Alot of people think that burning calories is what weight loss is all about. Many believe that you gotta use portion control so you don't eat too much. After all, the less calories you take in and the more active you are is the key to burn fat right? -No! 8 hours on the treadmill in the morning, fasted will get me lean, won't it? No! There are a zillion money making schemes out there telling you to do this or don't eat that and it's a 33 billion dollar a year industry. But everyone is still fat and getting fatter. Today we'll talk about human biology 101 in simple caveman speak so I understand it. The human body only works one way - the way God made it to work. And no matter how much the weight loss scammer dude tells you to do this or don't eat that, your body still works the same way regardless of which crack pipe you smoke. So how do you actually oxidize (burn) fat? The body does it one way and one way only. Let me preach on it! I ain't no scholar or medical wizard but when I read my biology 101 book from college -hehe I did make it through the 3rd grade, it tells me one way that stuff happens. So lets take a casual look at it, minimizing the big words, that I can't pronunciate no how. 

You have zillions of fat (adipose) cells also known as adipocytes which are like flexible mini-water containers. The fat cells don't go anywhere-it's the stuff inside the fat cells that comes and goes. The stuff inside the fat cells are triaglycerol which are broken down into free fatty acids. The free fatty acids are transported through the blood stream to the muscles where oxidation occurs in the mitochondria. When the fat cells are emptied they collapse like a water blivet drained of water. So when the fat cells deflate, you become leaner and the underlying muscle is easier to see and you magically become "toned". There is allot of hormonal stuff that goes on behind the scenes, to get things rolling from point A to point B but if your eating right, this stuff should happen without a hitch. You normally don't keep gaining fat cells after puberty unless you become grossly obese. So it's about emptying the fat cells that you have to present a leaner look.

Toned is one of my favorite fitness myth words. People made allot of money back in the '80's with body sculpting and toning non-sense. It's called burning fat and building muscle. Anyhow, you have to make this process occur by doing things a certain way. That's why in the targeted fat loss protocol from the Warp Speed Fat Loss program, that I use for my clients, it breaks it down pretty good, so you can decipher the madness. You have to mobilize, transport and oxidize free fatty acids in sequence in order to maximize the amount of free fatty acids burned (oxidized) by the muscles.

The combination of metabolism boosting nutrition, targeted fat loss cardio, metabolic resistance training (tabata) and heavy strength training are the reality & science based components of my program that burn fat and build muscle. Muscle and the mitochondria in the muscle are the actual furnaces that burn the fat as fuel. There is no other human way to burn fat. So muscle is the key to fat loss. No muscle, no fat loss. That's why skinny fat bitches are weak, gelatin fat coated skeletons that will die tomorrow. So stop with the madness, learn what it takes to do the stuff we talked about here and then get on it with a vengeance. There is no secret - you just gotta go do it.

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