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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fitness Bootcamp At Smith: August 2010 Results

August bootcamp finished today. The girls did great!

Tristan lost 6.3% bodyfat and 1.6lbs,
Patricia lost 4.4% bodyfat, 2.2lbs and 2.5 inches from her hips 
Justina lost 6.7% bodyfat, 2lbs and 1 inch off her hips.

The girls performance also went sky high. They finished a full 20 minute tabata drill, really good burpees, pushups and mountain climbers, they did heavy goblet squats using 40, 50 and 60 lb kettlebells, plyo box jumps on the tall box and some killer core work and sprints with a staircase thrown in there to spice it up. So a noticeable change in body composition, clothes fit better, they look better, feel better and peform better. They have more energy, strength and endurance and they are eating really good. With the the 3 total body bootcamp workouts a week, targeted fat loss cardio plan and nutrition handout- the bootcamp is a stand alone, complete fitness system that is proven with over 18 months of real results.

If you're interested, the next bootcamp at smith starts on September 1st at 0915.

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