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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Homemade 53lb Sandbag

There are thousands of fitness tools and exercise equipment available for all types of training. Most of the equipment available is super high quality with a price to match. So for people on a budget that do not care about name brands or fancy gizmos, there are dozens of ways that you can make homemade training tools that can provide you with excellent training without breaking the bank. Today, I made a 53lb sandbag full of dirt and rocks. I taped it up and made a handle and it was workout time. I did a circuit of sandbag 1 arm deadlifts, two arm cleans, 1 arm overhead presses, 1 arm rows, shouldering, and windmills. What is the advantage of using odd objects such as a sand bag? You don't have smooth surfaces to grab on to or balanced weight so you get alot of forearm and grip work as well as core stabilization in every move. These objects like sandbags challenge you in a total body manner with every exercise. Check it out:

One arm bent rows

One arm overhead press

Sandbag Shouldering

Sandbag Windmill

Sandbag 1 arm Deadlifts and Shrugs

Sandbag Cleans

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