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Monday, January 19, 2009

AJ's Saga of Strength & Conditioning

As Ryan is enduring the rigors of Ranger School, AJ has begun his saga of strength & conditioning. AJ is one of my newer clients. He is an Infantry Captain, preparing for the Special Forces Assessment & Selection Course. Today, he completed his first Tabata Drill Session. He completed the standard 20 minute tabata drill using burpees with pushups, mountain climbers, run in place with high knees and the side straddle hop (jumping jacks). Then we went outside and he completed a second tabata drill with tethered sprints, tire jumps with pushups, the tire smash with 16lb sledgehammer and lateral jump. He did an outstanding job and completed a very tough workout.

Tire Jump with Pushup

SledgeHammer Tire Drill

Lateral Jump

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