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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Leaner, Faster, Stronger: Start Today!

Heading out this morning to conduct an in-home personal training session with my client, at Green Island Hills, in Columbus.

It's funny how life comes full circle. 

10 years ago, this is how I started my fitness business, with in home personal training. 

Now, in addition to in-home training, I offer individual and small group training at my private garage gym, as well as live, interactive, online training for anywhere in the world. 

I have been blessed to be able to follow my passion for fitness and to help people become healthier, with a higher quality of life.

If you need help with lifestyle and behavior modification, as well as fitness and nutrition coaching, I have a solution for you. 

It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, a deconditioned former athlete, bodybuilder, martial artist, combat athlete, crossfitter, power lifter or a mom who is trying to lose baby weight, my program is for all types and fitness levels. 

My unique, hybrid program has evolved over the last 35 years of experience, to encompass 
the most efficient, results based methods, from a variety of training protocols. 

If you want to become leaner, faster and stronger, while feeling better, looking better and performing better, contact me now to identify the right program for you.

Reach down into your cooler and pull out a big, frosty can of CAN DO!

And remember, if you free your mind, your glutes will follow! 😀

Now, let's go hit the weights!

Eric Dempsey,
Master Sergeant, US Army Retired,
ISSA Master Trainer
Dempseys Resolution Fitness 

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