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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Are You Managing Your Macronutrient Ratio?

Today, I wanted to talk to you about your macronutrient ratio for your nutrition program. 

Eating in three or managing your macros or macronutrient ratio is a very important nutrition principle. 

By managing your macronutrient ratio along with your calorie intake, you can tailor your nutrition program to your specific goals. 

Different goals require different nutrition profiles. 

There is a lot more detail required for optimal nutrition and fitness than the old line of just "eat less and exercise more". 

From my own experiences, with my own training and the training of hundreds of people, over the last 35 years, I have been using a macronutrient ratio that evolved from trial and error. 

What I have found to work for most people, who want rapid progress, is a ratio of 50/30/20. Carb cycling is inserted into my program relating to activity level. 

For non-workout meals, the 50/30/20 ratio is protein, fat and carbs. 

For pre and post workout meals, the 50/30/20 ratio is carbs, protein and fat. 

More activity = more carbs and less fat. Less activity = more fat and less carbs. 

Protein stays either high or medium. 

You can track these ratios in either calories or grams. 

Or you can use the "eyeball the plate method" as in the picture above. 

That will get you in the ball park when you don't have time to calculate numbers. 

Hope this helps you speed to your goals. 

This is a proven method. If you actually use it, it will work. 

Most people are too lazy to even follow a simple plan. 

That's why 6 out of 10 people are either overweight or obese. 

Don't be one of the 6/10. 

Learning real, healthy, nutrition concepts takes education and time. 

I have spent the time and taken the courses. 

Let me share my knowledge with you so you can reach your goals now, instead of next year or never. 

If you need help, I'm available either in person or online to assist you in developing your customized nutrition and/or fitness program for your specific goals. 

Recently, I met with a lady in Columbus at a Starbucks. Over coffee, I spent an hour with her, creating her nutrition program. If she actually uses it, she will make big progress, fast.

I have done numerous nutrition and fitness programs over FB Messenger, skype, email and in person. 
With technology, distance is no longer an issue. 

Or if you are local, I can meet you in town or on post. 

Contact me if you want help. 

If you are willing to do what is required, I have the solution for you.

Eric Dempsey
MS, NASM Weight Loss Specialist
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