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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Order Of The Hunter Gatherer

The Order of the Jager Und Sammler Award (OJUSA) (German for hunter gatherer) has been established to recognize those who have demonstrated the dedication, will, commitment, discipline and courage, in the face of challenge, to attain, achieve and accomplish great things in the realm of physical culture. Criteria for acceptance into the order will be demanding. It will be open to all men and women who meet the standards. And as you can imagine, it won't be easy. This order is voluntary and selective. 


Must have qualified for acceptance into all strength clubs (male or female)

Male clubs
Iron Warrior Award
Bench Press Club 300lbs
Kettlebell Club 79lbs
20/20 Club rock and tire
Barbell Deadlift Club 405lbs

Female Clubs
Iron Woman Award 2.0
Bench Press Club 125lbs
Kettlebell Club 45lbs
Plyo tire stack jump club 32" tire stack
Barbell Deadlift Club 200lbs

Universal Criteria For Both Men and Women
5 minute Kettlebell Snatch (from the swing) Drill (Men 62lbs, Women 45lbs)
6 dead hang strict pullups for men
3 dead hang strict pullups for women
1000 reps of the 20lb sledgehammer on the tire (Both men and women). Can be broken up into sets of 50reps.
Must flip the big tire around the short loop 1/8 mile individually with no assistance

Must have been an inspiration to others through example

Must have completed an academic or physical course relating to physical culture and show proof of completion by diploma or transcript.

Must participate regularly in structured fitness training with Dempsey's Resolution Fitness 
(group training or personal training)

Must be a loyal member of Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

Standards subject to change and all decisions regarding the award will be up to my discretion

Award can be challenged by Guests (non-members) by special request.

Participants who are accepted into the order will receive a certificate of membership and patch. 

Direct all questions to me, in reference to the award, via email at


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