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Friday, October 19, 2012

2012 Sexy Slim Down Program Initial Results

After the first 9 days of the 2012 sexy slim down program, here are some results based upon body weight  body fat percentage by hand held bio-electrical impedance device and waist measurement.

Jerry lost 8.5lbs, 0.9% bodyfat and 2in from his waist

Brittany lost 3lbs, 1% body fat and 2.5in from her waist

Terri lost 2lbs, 0.6% body fat and 2in from her waist

Marcea lost 4lbs, 2.8% body fat and 4in from her waist

Amber lost 6.1lbs, 0.8% body fat and 1.5in from her waist

Connie lost 6lbs, 2.1% body fat and 3in from her waist

Great work everyone! Keep it going!

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