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Friday, October 19, 2012

What Type Of Fitness Training Client Are You?

In the fitness industry, you come across all sorts of people. So my Fitness Clients are rated as A, B or C level clients. "A" clients are awesome, make mad progress, promote your business, refer new clients, are worthy of videos and pictures and are a pleasure to train.

"B" clients are your average run of the mill people who range from almost "A" level to just above "C" level. "B" clients obviously make up the majority of clients. Mostly a really good bunch.

And then there are the "C" clients. Let's just say that these people don't last long for a variety of reasons, which range from quitting (my favorite - I love it when they pay and then quit because it was too hard or whatever BS excuse they have) all the way to me firing them.

So what level client are you? What level client do you wish you were? Do you even care? Are you content with the fat rolls and triple chins combined with the bad attitude and massive health problems?  Do you blame everyone else for your issues and problems and accept no responsibility for any of it. The man kept you down! -right?

Are you still doing pushups on your knees after two months of training?

Are you barely making progress every week on your body composition?

Are you skipping workouts and just showing up when you feel like it?

Are you displaying a " I don't care" attitude during training?

What type of client do you think the above questions refer to? - Obviously a C level client. The kind I don't want in my studio is the answer.

I have people as me all sorts of questions during consults and what not. A classic is "Why You". And it's a good question that every trainer should be able to answer confidently. And they should ask it.

But I have a question for them as well. Why should I train you? They say "cause I'm gonna pay you duh and that's your job". That's an automatic C level rating right there. I'm not rich so most times I'll take their money, knowing they will wash out soon.

Bottom line: Don't be a C level client in any aspect of life. You can do better. Never lower yourself. Be proud, be fit, be healthy. Strive to be the A level client.

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