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Monday, July 6, 2009

How Times Change

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I remember growing up in my home town and visiting my Great Aunt's house on the weekends with my Dad. These elderly ladies were in their late-80's and 90's and they moved around pretty dang good. I used to go out in their back yard and gorge myself on fruits and vegetables. I used to play in a pear tree and eat pears, I would run around the grape vines and eat grapes, I would play hide and seek in the rhubarb patch and eat the tangy sour rhubarb, then had my fill of tomatoes, carrots, and tons of other stuff. Usually, we would have a big dinner with a pot roast and vegetables, I drank water or lemonade and had homemade ice cream for dessert. So when I spent time at my great Aunt's house and at home it was similar, I was outside playing all day until the street lights came on, I ate fruits and vegetables all of the time, I drank tea, water and lemonade and I ate a ton of meat.

As I got older, I started eating more starchy carbs and processed carbs and fast foods with alot of soda. And then along with normal growing stages -Bam I was a porker at 10 or 11 yrs old. At 12 I realized that this wasn't cool and I wasn't happy with myself. And along with many other reasons, I started Martial arts and fitness training. I started learning how to move, how to breath, how to eat, how to fight and ultimately how to be confident, disciplined and content with myself. This got me strong, lean and healthy again.

So no matter what book you read or who you talk to, the principles of health and fitness have never changed. Eat natural whole foods as much as you can. Try to find foods that come from 100 miles or less from your location - preferably Grand Ma's garden. And eat what God put on the earth for you to eat in it's most natural state. Get outside and work, play and be active. Stay away from stuff in a box. bag or carton as much as possible. Get your sweets from fruits and honey. Get your fiber from vegetables. Get your protein and fats from animals, nuts, seeds, fish, birds, avocados, coconuts, and olive oil. Drink green tea and yerba mate tea, real homemade lemonade, and tons of water.

So a million years later, I am teaching people to eat as I did as a child, as the caveman ate, as the hunter -gatherer ate. "They way they used to do it back in the olden days" -is the way we should have always done it.

That's why I always tell you Train Hard and Eat Right and you can't go wrong.

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