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Monday, July 6, 2009

AJ's Saga of Strength and Conditioning Continues

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Tonight, AJ completed a grueling Tabata workout broken into two phases. First was a 4 exercise powerwheel workout, done outside, in the driveway, in the rain. He did the powerwheel pushup to knee tuck-ins, handwalking, bridge to leg curl and inchworm. Then we went inside where AJ did another Tabata session with the Bosu. He did the Burpee with pushup, mountain climber, run in place and squat side step squat all on the Bosu. He even got adventurous and tried some single leg mule kicks. It was intestinal fortitude and false motivation that got him through the workout. hehehe remember that false motivation is better than none and that the beatings will continue until moral improves.

Check out his videos:

Burpee on the Bosu

Bosu Mountain Climbers

Bosu Run in Place

Bosu Squat -Side Step - Squat

AJ gets wild with some 1 leg mule kicks

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