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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm doing good but the scale isn't moving much

Here is a common occurrence that I have with clients.

How come I'm making progress, bodyfat is going down, measurements are going down, I'm looking better, feeling better, performing better but the scale isn't doing a whole lot?

Some would be quick to say that the answer is that muscle weighs more than fat. But which is heavier- a 100lbs of feathers or a 100lbs of bricks? Bricks right? No silly, they are both 100lbs. So to make sense of that saying, let's look at it like this by volume: a square inch of muscle is heavier than a square inch of fat. -that make sense?

Now say you lose 5lbs of fat and gain 2lbs of muscle. The net weight change on the scale is= yup 3lbs. Because the scale only weighs total body weight. But if you did this, you would look and feel considerably better and perform better. But it still only shows a change of 3lbs - boo hoo.

So once again, stop looking at the scale and focus on fat mass and lean body mass. Burn the fat and build the muscle and rest will fall into place. The scale correlates with lean body mass, not fat mass.

If you can't shake the need for the scale to change and you simply must get back down to the same weight that you were as a junior in high school, then simply starve yourself, drink gallons of rockstar energy drinks and smoke cigarettes endlessly - you'll dump scale weight (lean body mass) faster than you can scream skinny fat.

Don't drink the rockstar baby! - Burn fat and build muscle.


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