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Monday, June 8, 2009

Kettlebells and Barbells: Ingredients for an ass whoopin!

Tonight's workout was unplanned, quick and painful. I got wrapped up in working on marketing stuff and I realized I had clients coming so I delayed my workout till later on tonight.

When I was done with clients, I ran in and warmed up with some Kettlebell squats to overhead press with light weight, (keep in mind - bad knees, back and shoulders) then I knocked out some tricep dips, and some kettlebell overhead tricep extensions using the bottoms up grip for forearm work.

I started with one arm barbell deadlifts, followed by barbell clean to overhead press (rough on my bad shoulders), barbell romanian deadlifts for my saggy butt, and finally, 135lb barbell arm curls for my puny biceps.

As you can see, I used a 135lb barbell for most of everything minus the warmup. This is not an easy feat, to use the same weight for every lift. I recommend that you try this though, with a weight that you can handle, because it is a great strength & conditioning tool that allows for intensity to remain blistering high.

Warmup - Kettlebell Squat to Overhead Press

Warmup - Kettlebell Overhead Tricep Extensions with bottoms up grip

Warmup - Tricep Dips

One Arm 135lb Barbell Deadlifts

135lb Barbell Clean to Overhead Press

135lb Barbell Romanian Deadlifts

135lb Barbell Arm Curls

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