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Monday, June 15, 2009

11 Videos for the Monday Workout -Take the Pain!

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I made a new piece of workout equipment - the sand bag log. 22LBS of sand filled joy to whoop the buttocks. Workout today was a heavy shoulder workout and some legs - core stabilization throughout. Bad shoulder seems to be mending although still a little sore.

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The SandBag Log - Cost= $2.00

Warm up - SandBag Log Torso/Shoulder Rotations

SandBag Log Back Squats

Sandbag Log Squat to Overhead Press

Sandbag Log Lunges

Sandbag Log Windmill

Sandbag Log Side Lunges

Now into the dungeon to finish the workout

Band Pull Aparts

Standing 60lbs Dumbbell Overhead Press - my Bowflex Dumbells are way heavier than the ones at Smith - have to go lighter but feels heavier-Strange!

Elevated Pushups - very difficult, building the shoulder up for handstand pushups

And to Finish me off

135lbs Barbell Push Press - These kicked my butt. I was destroyed after these. Off to get a big dose of Celltech and some big chow - Gotta get in your post workout nutrition or it's all for nothing.


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