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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

AJ's Saga of Strength & Conditioning Continues...

Tonight, AJ did an outdoor Tabata workout using tires, sledgehammer, sandbags and stones.

Utilizing the 20/10 protocol, AJ completed the grueling workout of 4 sets in 20 minutes.

By using the odd objects, you work the entire body, core, CR system and place emphasis on grip strength, forearm and wrist development. These type of workouts are extremely challenging and provide maximum strength and conditioning, while burning massive calories, post workout, for an extended time period.

Not for the weak or faint hearted! So, if you are serious, and really want to get in shape, visit Dempsey's Resolution Fitness and begin the journey.

Check out AJ in action:

Sledgehammer tire drill

Tire Squat to Row

Tire Step and Tricep Extension

Sandbag Squat To Overhead Press

Tire Jacknife

Tire Jump to Pushup

Stone Deadlift

Sandbag Log Shoulder Rotations

Do or Do Not - There is no try! Yoda is the man.

Eric Dempsey NASM C.P.T.

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