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Monday, April 20, 2009

No Pink Dumbbells Here

Today, Leah, Latonya and Ryan did a killer workout. They used a 135lb barbell and did a strength circuit of deadlifts, barbell rollouts, windshield wipers and floor chest press. They followed that up with 2 sets of the standard tabata drill.

Women can and should lift heavy weights to increase strength and performance, to increase their metabolism and to assist in the fat burning process by building lean body mass. The days of the pink dumbbell are over !!!

Leah doing 135lb DeadLifts

Leah doing barbell rollouts

Latonya doing 135lb Deadlifts

Latonya doing Barbell Rollouts

Ryan doing Barbell Rollouts

Ryan doing windshield wipers

Leah doing 135lb Floor Press

Latonya doing windshield wipers

Ryan doing the 135lb Floor Press

Leah doing the windshield wipers

Latonya doing the 135lb Floor Press

Ryan doing 135lb Deadlifts
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