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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Multi-Client Training -The AJ / Ryan Saga Continues

Tonight AJ & Ryan trained together during the group bootcamp session. They completed a grueling Tabata drill consisting of a two part split. They did two sets on the powerwheel and two sets using the bodyweight drills. They worked really hard and did a killer workout. It was motivation and intestinal fortitude at it's finest. This workout was for the brave and the bold. Not for the weak or faint hearted. It was refreshing to have two Ranger qualified Infantry Officers together for such a inspirational fitness experience. Great Job to AJ and Ryan !!!.

Power Wheel Handwalking and Burpees

Jumping Jacks and AB Rollouts

Mountain Climbers & Pushup, Jacknife, Pikeup

Run in place & Leg Curl

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