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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Charity WOD to End Veteran Suicide Completed

Shots from today's workout. 
22 exercises for 22 reps. That was a tough one, especially due to the heat and humidity. 

Scheduling a workout at noon in August wasn't the brightest move but it got done none the less.

It was a mental test as the sweating and electrolyte loss was heavy and quick, resulting in rapid fatigue and cramping. 

I kept myself going with an old army trick. Salt and sugar mixed in with my BCAAs and glutamine drink. 

We used to make field expedient electrolyte drinks with the MRE ration salt, sugar and kool aid packets. Crude but effective. 

I will be sore tomorrow. But it was good to push myself. Haven't gone that hard in awhile. 

Results happen outside your comfort zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. 

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