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Monday, August 17, 2015

Get your Fire Kable Paracord Wrist Bracelet for Free Today.

The fire kable para cord wrist bracelet is a great addition to any EDC or survival kit. 
It comes with usable para cord, a fire starter and a whistle. 

I carry one as part of my every day carry (EDC) kit. I have reviewed and tested mine and it works great!

It can be worn as a bracelet or clipped on to your kit or bug out bags. 
Having three components of your survival kit ( cordage, fire starter and whistle) in a handy bracelet make being prepared that much easier.

Right now, you can get your own fire kable para cord wrist bracelet for free- just cover the small shipping fee. 

This is an awesome deal to get a quality survival product to upgrade your survival kit or to give away as a gift.

Having the right survival gear on hand, when you need it, could be a life saver. 

You can grab your own fire kable para cord wrist bracelet today through the link here:

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