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Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Paleo Rant Revisited

I support and agree with Paleo and Primal nutrition concepts in their general form. My nutrition program that I teach is rooted in the general Paleo and Primal concepts.

But when modern food products are labeled Paleo, I lose my calm composure.

I have ranted on this before.

I cannot stand modern food products with the word Paleo on it. 

For some reason it drives me insane. 

Now you can buy Paleo bread, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, ice cream cones, protein bars, snack packs, trail mix and who knows what else. 

Hell, they will probably come out with Paleo edible underwear next. 

Do you really think Grok the caveman had anything like that? 

Hey Paleo honey, why don't you fire me up some Paleo bread in our Paleo oven, while I sip on some Paleo beer after a hard day of being a Paleo hunter-gatherer. 

Really People? 

What is worse is all the wanna be Paleo people who buy the crap, thinking they are Paleo, when they open up their Paleo package, that they received in their Paleo mailbox, from the Paleo mailman, after they spent a whole bunch of their Paleo money, on these unrealistic Paleo food items, that were made in a Paleo processing facility, and shipped out of the Paleo warehouse. 

It is so far removed from the original Paleo Diet concept that it is not even funny.

So if you are interested in quality Paleo Diet resources, check out these:

Remember the basics and you will normally do fine.

Paleo in 11 words

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