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Friday, June 14, 2013

Would You Like To Become A Fitness Model?

If you love fitness or want to pursue a fitness lifestyle, this opportunity may be for you.

Introducing the Fitness Model Program

3 positions available male or female

Must be medically cleared and qualified for intense physical activity and nutrition programming

Screening and Interview will be conducted. 3 best applicants will be selected.

What you get: Receive unlimited personal training, group fitness classes and nutrition coaching worth thousands of dollars, AT NO COST. Get in the best shape of your life for free with the coaching of an experienced trainer. - all for FREE. -but you have to spend the time and YOU DO HAVE TO DO THE WORK.


Follow the program to the “T”.

Attend all workouts within reason

Motivate fellow clients

Track progress with measurements, bodyfat, weight, pictures, videos, blog

Get in incredible shape and make sick progress

Provide social media, blog, video, pictures and live promotions and testimonials.

Recruit new clients

Display loyalty and commitment to the program

Maybe released from the program at any time for failure to meet the standards.

If interested, schedule an interview at

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