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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Can You Lose 10% Body Fat In A Month? You Can With My Program

Hi Everybody,
Yes it's a proven fact that you can lose up to 8%-10% Body Fat on my program in approximatelyy 4-6 weeks. I've had numerous men and women do it over the last 5 years - it's fact. Combined with a massive increase in physical performance. So not only do you change your body, fit into your old clothes, have more energy, feel better and look better naked - you also increase your strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility and knowledge of fitness, nutrition and health. It's a lifestyle changing program with long term benefits. So stop wasting your time and money and come reach your full potential with me now.

Here is a short list of clients from the past few years who have lost 8-10% bodyfat in a 4-6 weeks. These are real people that got real results. It can be done and these people have proven it.

Jessica 10%
Gloria 10.2%
Lisette 9.6%
Dominique 8.6%
Nancy 10%
Mary 10.6%
Leroy 12.1%
Karen 8.7%
Lisa 9.7%
Rachel 8.1%
Jennifer 10.2%
Lenny 8%
Haley 8.1%
Melanie 9.7%
Lillian 10.6%
Leah 10.8%
Shelly 8%
Jessica 9.2%

If a fitness or diet program does not talk about losing fat and maintaining and building lean body mass then you have to question the amateur nature of the program. If you are losing weight from lean body mass and it makes you unhealthy -does that make any sense? Hell No! Burn Fat and Build Muscle ! I will show you how.

Dempsey's Resolution Fitness 
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