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Thursday, December 9, 2010

5 Simple Holiday Fat Loss Survival Tactics

With the holiday season here, it is easy to allow yourself to fall off the fat loss wagon and pack on the blubber. People travel, visit family, attend dinners and parties and get exposed to foods that they normally don't eat. But there is no need to back track just because of the holidays. It is not an excuse to throw all of your hard work out the window. So here are 5 easy things to do so that you minimize the damage and still enjoy yourself.

1. Have a Plan: Failure to plan is planning to fail. If you know your schedule, then you know what areas need more attention with your meal planning. Make a plan, get the food and prepare.

2. Bring food with you when you travel: It is so simple. Cooler, cooler bags, tupperware, ziploc bags-you get the idea. Instead of fast foods during a trip, reach into your cooler or bag and pull out some jerky, nuts and fruit. Have ample water and a good beverage like green tea available. Eat frequently and stay hydrated.

3. Control The Macronutrient Ratio: If you are at a family member's or friend's house for an xmas dinner type event, control the macronutrient ratio of protein, fat and carbs on your plate. You can still have what you like, just eat it in the right amounts. Example - Ham or turkey, greenbean casserole, hot rolls and mixed nuts. Say this is what is served, have a lot of the ham or turkey, eat a bunch or nuts and then have a roll and a little  greenbean casserole and small dessert and you would be fine. The proteins and fats lower the glycemic index and damage caused by the carbs so lots of proteins and good fats and a little bit of the tasty carbs.

4. Continue to eat frequently: Keep your metabolism high by eating a little a lot. Don't allow yourself to go for hours without food and then become a hypoglycemic starving beast. Always hit the protein first.

5. Don't drink your calorie intake for the day: High sugar drinks are deadly to your body fat levels. Watch the eggnog, alcohol, lattes, juice and soda. A little is ok -alot puts you back in the fat body zone. 

Of course, you need to squeeze in workouts when you can. One round of a bodyweight tabata drill or stair sprints can help keep the metabolic furnace going - you can spare at least 5-10 minutes to knock out a high intensity drill.  Yes, that is much better than nothing - don't slack.

Most of all-enjoy yourself and be smart. Don't stress about it. One meal doesn't ruin a day, one day doesn't ruin a week. Consistency is the key. If you slip, get back on track. By applying these principles to your holiday season, you can have fun, eat some tasty stuff and still be a lean fit ninja.

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