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Monday, December 20, 2010

6 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program: Beta Testers Wanted

Program starts Monday, Jan 3rd. Looking for 15 people, who want / need to get in shape fast, to test a new Beta version of my fat loss fitness program. Participants will participate in a 6 week metabolic conditioning program designed to burn fat and tone muscle. Program will run 3 days a week for 6 weeks. Before and after pictures will be taken. Weekly weigh-in's, bodyfat composition assessments and waist/hip measurements will be taken to record progress. Nutrition coaching will be provided as well as a targeted fat loss cardio program to be done on the off days in between workouts. The 3 time a week workouts will be an hour in duration and be very intense. Workout times will be from 6am-7am EST M-W-F. Cost per person will only be $67.00 for the entire 6wk program to cover training expenses. You must be very serious about this and be willing to follow the program to the letter. I am looking for each person to achieve maximal results in 6 weeks to gauge the effectiveness of this new program. The person who achieves the greatest results in 6 weeks will win 3 months of fitness bootcamp training for free. All others will receive an unbeatable special discount offer for fitness bootcamp training. This is a limited offer so act now if you want in on this special program. All applicants will be screened and only the 15 best candidates will be selected. Email me at and tell me why you should be selected as one of the elite 15 beta testers.

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