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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lap Band Procedures: The New Weight Loss Fad

There has been a resurgence of popularity with lap bands for weight loss in the last few years. I have done numerous posts, audios and videos about lap bands and gastric bypass procedures. In my opinion, unless you have a life threatening condition, that requires such drastic methods, you should use the safe, healthy methods of proper nutrition and exercise to change your body composition. But in today's immediate satisfaction world, lap bands have become the new weight loss fad. People who don't want to exercise and eat good take the easy way out and get the lap band done for a quick fix nowadays. I think it's absolutely horrible to have this done without medical necessity. If you haven't exhausted all natural, healthy means of body composition change, I feel that you are doing more harm than good by having a lap band procedure done.

I have trained numerous men and woman who have had gastric bypass, liposuction and lap bands. There are common problems with each. First off, none of these people, who I have experience with, were overeating. Let me say that again - like I always do- none of these people were overeating. Just the opposite, they were all undereating and what they did eat was wrong and their metabolisms were slow at best. Once you have a calorie restricting procedure done, and you were undereating to begin with-you are hosed!

Sure they all lose a zillion pounds overnight and they fit into clothes 14 sizes smaller the next week. It looks good from a distance. But it is classic weight loss which is comprised of mostly lean body mass loss. That is always unhealthy. Remember that heart tissue, bone density and organ tissue as well as muscle and fluid are all victims of weight loss. Very unhealthy!

Then you have the new you after the 1000lb weight loss. Excess sagging nasty skin, lots of bodyfat, jello consistency in your body and weakness are common after effects. It is impossible to eat properly, your metabolism is worse off than it was, with no hope of making it better. Muscle, strength, energy and any real endurance are things of the past. The people who I have trained with these procedures, struggled to make any progress at all. They had no strength or energy and motivation was minimal. But they fit into size 4's so they didn't care. The look good naked drill ain't gonna happen after one of these procedures - more like nasty and scary. Very attractive - Not!

In order to fix the sagging excess skin, you must have a whole body tuck - gross! Then of course, many actually gain the weight back and they are worse off years later than when they started. I say don't do it. If you have had the procedure done and by some miracle, you are looking good, healthy and happy, then more power to you. But you are the exception-not the norm. If you tried everything under the sun and nothing worked and then you had this done and it worked well for you-then good for you. Once again-not the norm.

There are also the new group of lap banders who get the procedure done and then take some lame exercise class like zumba and credit their disciplined die hard training in their aerobic class with their massive transformation - all without mentioning that they had the procedure done. Bottom of the barrel!

I will never recommend any of those procedures or any program that promotes weight loss to anyone. It's a money making quick fix that promotes bad stuff and misinformation about health and fitness. I hope you will think twice and work on your meal plan and exercise before you give in to this new expensive quick fix fad.

Burn fat and build muscle the healthy way. Change your body, increase your energy and performance and change your lifestyle with hard exercise and good food. That's what I recommend.

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