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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Insanity Of Appetite Suppressants

Everyone has seen, heard of and maybe used a variety of appetite suppressants. Because everyone is overeating and that's why they have body composition issues - right? I am still waiting to meet a person who has gained weight because they exceed their daily calorie requirement constantly. It is possible to do, if you go to burger king or the like, every single day for 2 or more meals a day. More than likely, you don't do that. Or maybe all of my clients and others have lied to me - probably not.  

There is a 33 billion dollar a year weight loss industry that makes alot of that money from appetite suppressants. There are all sorts out there, more than one can imagine. The sad part is that 99.99% of people don't need it at all. In fact they need just the opposite - more calories and more frequent meals to activate or ramp up their metabolism. I have been involved in weight management training with soldiers and civilian clients for the last 25 years. I have never seen a single person who has consistently been overeating every day and as a result, had weight issues. Maybe I'll meet a client who fits that alleged profile someday.

The social influence backed by western medical incompetence perpetuates the sale and use of appetite suppressants. After all, when you go to the doctor with a weight issue, they say "eat less, exercise more", which is assuming that you are overeating, but they never check to analyze the data. Then they prescribe appetite suppressants and then try to up the game to a lap band or gastric bypass procedure for a cool 10k. Then you are really screwed!

Appetite suppressants promote lean body mass loss, weaken your organs, heart and bones and have a bunch of other nasty things that help kill you. Ulcers, acid reflux and heartburn are common when you keep your shrunken stomach empty and just full of acid. Then you have the body's starvation response and all its healthy benefits (sarcasm).

Then add in the stimulants that are in most appetite suppressants. They say that high doses of caffeine, sugar and other herbs stimulate your metabolism promoting weight loss. You are continually energized (artificially) and don't have to worry about getting tired, eating, sleeping right. Think of the health benefits = none! But in today's busy world, it's an appealing thought - social influence. But if it's the magic pill, why does the obesity rate continue to rise to epidemic levels. It doesn't work long term cause you get sick, fat and dead.

You will lose weight and shrink down into a skeleton, with gelatin (fat) wrapped, unhealthy, brittle bones and unhealthy organs. You will pour your flabby, gelatin ass into size zero jeans and tell yourself that you look great until you take the size zero sausage wrap off and look in the mirror. Then it's scary time! If that is what people think is cool - I'm not on board with the concept. It's gross and unattractive. It's unhealthy and leads to many health problems. But society and your doctor will tell you it's the way to go. I say hell no, don't do it.

I teach people the exact opposite of everything to do with appetite suppressants. Learn about nutrition, proper calorie intake for your current situation, macro and micro nutrients, how to raise your metabolism with good, real food, through meal frequency and timing and exercise properly. Be healthy and do things the natural way. Get stronger, increase your energy levels and endurance, lose fat, stabilize your blood sugar and hormone levels, look better naked and do it all with natural, whole food and exercise. That's what I support and teach. It takes longer, is more difficult and tests your patience but the long term results are worth it.
People count on you. Your health and wellness are important. You are worth it. Do it right.  

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