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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Do You Know That You Are Making Progress?

  Many clients ask me how to tell if they are making progress during their fitness program. Of course, there are the standard measurements, scale, calipers and performance to assess progress. But those don't always reflect actual body changes that are ongoing week to week. Sometimes the numbers don't reflect what you see. So you have to add other assessments to that previous analytical list. Here are some other things to track and acknowledge.   
1. Are you fitting back into your old clothes (that haven't been fitting up until this point)?
2. Are people asking you what you are doing because you look so good all of a sudden?
3. Can you see changes in how you look in the mirror and do you like the changes?
4. Is your spouse commenting on how you look and is your spouse giving you more physical attention than usual?
5. Are you doing things more easily than you used to? Like walking across the parking lot, going up stairs, carrying the baby or groceries, moving things around during housecleaning or at work?
6. How is your jewelry fitting? Rings and bracelets loose or still tight?  

This list can go on and on. I recommend keeping a journal -logging your workouts, cardio, nutrition plan and general comments or thoughts. Everytime something happens or someone comments about how you look, write it down. When you are feeling down and doubting yourself, bust out the journal and read all of the wonderful things that you have been working hard at to earn. That will get you fired up to make more progress so you can have more awesome journal entries. Reward yourself with a cheat meal or drink when you earn a good journal entry. Most of the fat loss battle is in your head! You can do it! You will do it! Now get out there and make it happen!

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