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Thursday, September 30, 2010

To Be Empowered Through Strength

 Around the military, most of the fitness training is endurance based. So there are a bunch of runners, triathletes and the like. There is something to be said for when you run your first 10k and make it or do well. You have a sense of accomplishment and you feel good about yourself. It's a great thing. I have been there and done that. But running doesn't transfer easily into daily life. It's not like the old days when Grok the caveman had to travel 100 miles to catch up with the herd of animals he was tracking for hot chow. You don't zip 5 miles down to the local store for milk in your running shoes. So even though you feel accomplished with your run, it kinda stays with the road.

With strength training, it is totally different. When I have a woman who could not even do a pushup on her knees to start with and I get her to bench press 100lbs or more, the sense of accomplishment is huge. And when that same woman can go about her daily life activities and pick up things she always needed help with, that sense of accomplishment stays with her daily. The added muscle and strength not only make you look better and function better but it psychologically makes you feel better about yourself. You no longer feel fat and helpless. You don't jiggle as much when you move. You are confident that you can handle a physical challenge when it presents itself. And after overcoming the mental fears of heavy weight, you feel as though you can do anything. You become empowered.

This psychological strength and new found confidence allows you to face things that used to intimidate you. These are things outside the gym in daily life. Instead of saying "I can't" - you just do it. Instead of thinking "I'll never be able to" - you attack it and conquer it. You are now empowered in all aspects of life and your potential for achievement in all areas rises dramatically. So put down the pink dumbbells and grab some heavy weight. Challenge yourself and work super hard. Eat really good to fuel your body. Be proud of your efforts and achievements. Then take your new strength and go out into the world. Attack any goal in life with the same intensity as the deadlift bar. Attain, achieve and accomplish. Your goals are now within your grasp because you are empowered.

Who is ready to become the next member of the strength club? I have the bench press, kettlebell squat to overhead press, barbell deadlift and iron woman clubs for my female clients. If you want to become part of any of these exclusive elite clubs, contact me and begin the journey.

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