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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mid-Way Results for the Smith September Bootcamp

After two weeks of super easy workouts with me, the september smith bootcampers came away with these numbers:

Keeping in mind, that I run fat loss bootcamps and not weight loss (a monkey can get you to lose weight), the recommended rate of fat loss is about 1% a week or 4% a month. Everyone did really good. 

Heather lost 11.2% bodyfat, up a pound - she was a crazy girl and did like an hour of cardio after the workouts. But she ate good so it paid off luckily.

Sarah lost 7.1% bodyfat, up a pound

Patricia broke even on bodyfat and was down 2.6lbs

Justina lost 4.9% bodyfat and weight stayed the same.

William lost 5% bodyfat and he managed to lose 7lbs as well. 

So you can see that when getting lean (which is completely different than losing weight), you can actually gain weight from increased lean body mass (LBM) while losing bodyfat. Fat loss and weight loss are apples and oranges or oil and water and have nothing to do with each other in general. 99.99% of weight loss comes from LBM usually and is unhealthy. Be smart and healthy! Lose fat and not LBM. 

Keep up the great work everyone and eat your food.

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