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Friday, September 10, 2010

Is It Possible? Burn Fat, Build Muscle And Increase Your Performance At The Same Time

Most traditional fitness programs are centered around a theme. There are weight loss programs, body transformation programs, sports / performance enhancement programs, muscle building programs, lifestyle enrichment programs and programs to work on specific trouble areas of the body (hips/buns/thighs etc...). If you train with me or have trained with me, you know that my program is anything but traditional. I don't believe in having different programs to do all of the mentioned stuff above.

With my program, you work on all of those areas at the same time. Efficiency and functionality are my themes. Getting the most bang for the buck and the hour are important in today's time crunched world. Dynamic, total body, multi-joint, compound movements have been proven to be more effective at achieving the greatest amount of benefits in the shortest amount of time. Heavy strength training, metabolic resistance training, targeted fat loss cardio and supportive nutrition have proven, time and time again, over the years, to increase performance and overall health, burn fat and build muscle, all at the same time. Not only does my program cover all of the areas but the functionality of it carries over into daily life activities, regardless of who you are -be it an airborne ranger or a housewife.  Also, the time it takes to achieve these goals in the different areas are minimized, provided that you follow the program and eat right. 

So stop wasting time and money trying to find an easy out. There is no easy way to achieve great things. Your issues and bad habits didn't pop up yesterday. There is a time factor required to make things right. It can be shortened in a healthy way. You must earn it by traveling down the right path and by negotiating the obstacles that stand before you. Let me guide you down the path. Follow the way to become lean, strong and fast -sooner rather than later. It is totally possible and it's proven by my clients daily. So when the masses say it can't be done - I say bullshit -I do it everyday and so can you.   

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