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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Never carry the bloody pigs foot

When I look back on all of the courses and schools that I have attended, this one always ranks near the top as far as lessons learned, practical experience and take away knowledge.

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend 5 different courses at this school house. 

Working and learning with a variety of international SOF / LRRP / LRS soldiers was an educational experience by itself, separate from the actual course content. 

Many of the lessons learned way back in the 80's still apply today. 

I also learned a lot of "what not to do" as well. 

One humorous (wasn't humorous at the time) lesson learned, came from the survival with resistance to interrogation course. 

When you are evading enemy forces, who are tracking you with military K9s, never keep the bloody pig's foot in your cargo pocket. 

Can you say scent trail for miles? 

The next lesson learned was to always let the other guy carry the bloody pig's foot in his cargo pocket. 

And when the dogs come, run in the opposite direction of said dude with the pig's foot in his cargo pocket. 

I passed, he failed. He had the pig's foot. I gave it to him after he said he wanted it. 

I felt bad for a second while the dogs descended upon him - only for a second though. Then I chuckled and kept running. 

Dumb ass! Never, ever, carry the bloody pig's foot!

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, US Army Retired
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