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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Get Your Recipe Hacker Cook Book Now!

Already 15,000 copies for the Recipe Hacker Cookbook have been shipped out during the last 72 hours.

Have you gotten your copy?

As I said, the Recipe Hacker Cookbook promotion ends tonight at midnight (PST). Since all 15,000 physical copies have run out, Diana (the recipe hacker) is making the digital version of her popular cookbook available to you for only $5.95.

That's an insane deal for over 100 healthy, delicious, fat burning meals that are made WITHOUT gluten, grain, soy, refined sugar, and dairy.

...because once the $5.95 promotional offer goes away tonight, the only other way to get The Recipe Hacker cookbook is on Amazon or at your local bookstore at full retail price when it gets released this Tuesday, December 9th.

So grab your copy now at this great price!

Recipe Hacker Cookbook

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