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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trap Bar Deadlifts and Kettlebell Snatches - Wednesday Night Workout

The Wednesday night workout consisted of trap bar block pull deadlifts with 405lbs and high rep kettlebell snatches.

My old lower back injury, dictates how many reps I get, so I didn't do as many as I could have on the trap bar. But it was still sufficient for a good workout.

The kettlebell snatches were light with higher reps as I was following up the heavier trap bar deadlifts with lighter, faster metabolic conditioning/resistance work.

The simple training concept that I use is heavier and slower first, followed by lighter and faster. This allows you to work power and strength and then transition to finish with endurance and conditioning in the same workout. Simple and effective.

Eric Dempsey
Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Retired
NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Specialist
Graduate Student In Exercise Science At Cal U.
Dempseys Resolution Fitness
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