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Friday, July 13, 2012

My Get Lean Program: Week 5 Update

So week 5 was the first week of Intermittent Fasting (IF). It was a hard transition from carb cycling. Going from eating every couple of hours with high-med-low carb days to fasting for 16 hours was a kick in the shorts. It takes me a week to adjust but now it's easing up and I'll be good for next week. I'm definitely not tracking this week. Water intake was way too low causing me to retain water and sleep was not consistent or good which screwed up my hormone levels causing me to stay fat.  - Geez I sound like a few of my female clients. - Kidding!

Numbers for the week - gained a pound, remained zero the caliper (I have a bioelectrical impedance body fat monitor coming in the mail just to see the numbers continue to flux even though it will be 10% higher than caliper readings) and I lost 1/4 inch from the waist. So no big fluxes in numbers.

Having said that, reviewing my goals, I'm not trying to flux numbers but to change my body composition by losing fat and maintaining and  / or gaining lean body mass. Changes have been happening. Lean body mass is maintaining and body fat is decreasing although water retention is a constant nagging issue. I will be more aggressive on the water in the next couple of weeks.

Also one of the goals is to see how I react to the different nutrition plans and explore what works best for me at my current age / disposition. I'm almost 44, not 24. So everything is much harder at this age. I'm not claiming to be nor trying to be a fitness model or a fitness super star. I'm an old, injured, retired soldier trying to stay in the best functional shape that I can. And I train my clients with proven methods and techniques that really work.

So for the haters who talk crap, please share with me your secrets and photos - I may never get super ripped but I'll be better than when I started and that's all that matters. If you can do better, more power to you.

Here are some pics from this week for my tracking purposes.

 Next week is week 6 which will be the second week of IF. I'll keep you posted.

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