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Friday, July 27, 2012

My 8 Week Get Lean Program: Week 7 Update

Wow week 7 done already. This was supposed to be the 1st week back on my normal plan but I unintentionally have been doing IF the whole week. So it's my normal plan with IF time windows kinda like the combo pack. The more progress you make, the harder it is to keep making progress. Now things are hour by hour, day by day inching forward. I have learned alot during this self discovery journey.

I'm cycling carbs daily based upon activity level. Still not drinking enough water -that is tough. I'm drinking more but not enough. Carbs are mostly from vegetables with some fruit. Lots of protein and good fats. Cheat meals on the weekend only if that.

Starting to get some water off but man it's hard. Abs are starting to show better. Other body parts are responding better naturally as the abs will be the last strong hold of fat and water. But that's ok. I'm leaner now than I've probably ever been. Not skinnier but leaner. Weight is holding steady at 214.5 and body fat and water levels rise and fall slightly throughout each day. Caliper is still a zero but the hand held BEI device gives you a different number every 5 minutes as does the scale. Tape measure shows me down 1.75in off the belly. The real measure is how I feel and the mirror.

I can't get good pictures for shit. I need to get a photographer with good lighting. You can can talk shit about my pictures, when you post yours. I'm not trying to be better than anyone else or be something special. I'm trying to improve myself and be better than I was 8 weeks ago. And I'm showing you my trials and struggles using the programs that I teach my clients. I'm also trying to be normal and not crazy about things. I could be doing much more as far as training and nutrition but I'm trying to find a sustainable approach that I can do in my normal day. I'm not training for a competition or any specific event so there is no end date. 8 weeks will be a milestone but not the end.

Putting pics online is not an ego thing. It's a scary thing that holds your feet to the fire. I put my pics up for my benefit. Don't be afraid to put your pics where people can see them. It's a form of accountability that is very powerful. Always strive to be better today than you were yesterday.

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