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Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Body Transformation Contest

So I have decided to switch things up. I usually and historically focus on functional strength and conditioning. But I've been having old injury issues with my left shoulder for awhile now and I can't move heavy weight while I let it heal so I decided to switch to fat loss and body composition training for awhile. I'm setting some personal goals to get much leaner than I've been in along time and I'm gonna see what I can do in the next 8 weeks. I'm gonna see if I can find some abs on my old fat broken carcass. For the first time evah, I shaved my Sasquatch belly and chest so I will be able to see something. I'm gonna keep everyone updated periodically with progress pics. If you would like to do the transformation program with me in the quest for the elusive abs, let me know.

Startup  pic is from Tuesday, 12 June 2012.


So I started reeling in my food. I went shopping and bought a bunch of good stuff.

I started eating better as outlined in my bootcamper handout and hitting the workouts and I felt much tighter by Friday 16 Jun 12. Nothing dramatic but a step in the right direction.

Stay tuned for more updates. If you want to do the 8 week lean up with me, let me know.

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