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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My 8 Week Get Lean Program: Week 3 update

Well it's the end of the third week of my 8 week get lean program (GLP). I'm down another 1/2 pound and 3/4 inch off the belly. Definition comes and goes with water retention fluctuating with high carb / low carb days. Caliper still at 0. I started 2 weeks of carb cycling this week. That was a shock to the system. I'm really good with low carb, high fat, high protein. Some people are carb types. I'm a protein type. So I actually felt like I blew up like a cow after my high carb days. Then I went low carb and felt better. That roller coaster is rough mentally. Of course my body is responding to the shock of changing plans after two weeks on my normal plan. One more week of carb cycling but I'm gonna modify it to suit me better. Instead of more high carb days, there will be only moderate carbs and no carbs. This should get me leaner faster. You have to try to figure out what works for you and not the fake airbrushed picture on the cover of your DVD set. Progress gets harder as you continue so it's a slow painful road. But I just got my order of Prograde Fusion, Prograde PR7, and Prograde K20 to try out and see how this stuff works. Off to week 4 and the quest for leanness continues. 


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