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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sexy Slim Down Program Progress Report

Sexy Slim Down Program 1 week progress report

Amy lost 6.5% body fat, gained 2.5lbs of lean body mass and lost ½ in from her hips.

Lisa lost 8.4% body fat, lost 2.5lbs and lost an amazing 4in from her waist

Carole lost 2.1% body fat and 2lbs

Morgan lost an astonishing 11.9% body fat, gained 4.5lbs of lean body mass and
lost ¾ in  from her waist.

Kim R. lost 2.2% body fat and 1lb

Melissa lost 3.3% body fat, 1 ½ in from her waist and gained 1lb of lean body mass

Crystal lost 3.4% body fat and 1.5lbs

Diani lost 1.9% body fat

Heather lost 2.1% body fat, 1lb and 1 ¾ in from her waist

Nicole lost 4.6% body fat

Other client achievements:
Angie (personal training client) lost 6.4% body fat, gained 1lb of lean body mass and lost ¼ inch off of her waist in 1 week.

Tetriana (personal training client) was the third woman to receive the Iron Woman Award for joining the 3 women's strength clubs: 125lb bench press club, double 45lb kettlebell clean & squat to overhead press club and the 200lb barbell deadlift club.
Awesome Job Everyone! I'm proud of you all! Keep up the great work.

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