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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are Your Plastics Making You Fat?

In the quest to be healthy, you don't have to look far to be challenged. Your government and society has placed land mines in front of you to ensure that being healthy and fit is a continuous and deadly cat and mouse game where win or lose, you pay either way.

Freakin plastics are poisonous and everywhere you look, we use these poison carriers for damn near everything we do. Food and drinks especially - cool, they put the poison in the stuff you stick in your mouth. Even the plastic linings / lids on canned foods and drinks with metal, aluminum or glass containers - you are still hosed.

So bottom line, start cutting back / out number 3,6,7 plastics immediately. Second if you use that stuff keep it away from high heat ,including sunlight, that causes the quicker leeching of the poisons into the contents.

"There is clear, credible evidence in the growing number of scientific studies that link bisphenol A to the very health effects we see on the rise today," according to Christopher Gavigan, executive director of Healthy Child, Healthy World.

What do these plastic poisons do to you? The toxins including Bisphenol A are linked to man boobs, low sperm counts, obesity, estrogen related disorders and neural and behavioral problems in children to name a few.

Number 3 Plastics found in: Cooking oil bottles, clear food packaging may release toxic breakdown products (including pthalates) into food and drinks.

Number 6 plastics are your Styrofoam type products. Plates, cups, egg cartons, carry out trays etc.. and can release potentially toxic breakdown products (including styrene).

Number 7 Plastics Found in: Baby bottles, three- and five-gallon water bottles, certain food containers. The ones to worry about are the hard polycarbonate varieties, as found in various drinking containers (like Nalgene bottles - dammit I love those bottles) and rigid plastic baby bottles. Studies have shown polycarbonate can leach bisphenol A, a potential hormone disruptor, into liquids. No level of bisphenol A exposure is known to be truly safe, and in August a government panel expressed 'some concern' that the ingredient causes neural and behavioral problems in children.

Play it safe and swap out those hard plastic baby and water bottles for number 1, 5 or corn-based plastics, aluminum, or even shatter-resistant glass?

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