My Recommended High Quality Nutrition Supplements

My Recommended High Quality Nutrition Supplements
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are You Eating Wood?

You know it never ceases to amaze me at what lengths the evil vermin of the earth will go to, in order to make money. So in addition to all of the genetically modified, artificial, unhealthy and downright poisonous stuff that people eat ,called processed foods, now they have added wood to the mix. Yes wood! It comes in different shapes and sizes and it's called many names but when you cut through the BS it is freakin wood! The cellulose used in many foods is processed powder or pulp from virgin wood.

Fortunately this wood that you are eating in damn near every processed food is not toxic( for a change ) so the one useless thing in your meal won't kill you. The big companies are saving over 30% by dumping sawdust in your chow ( not literally ). And it adds to the shelf life - ever put a pine board on the shelf and see how long it takes for it to go bad??

In some cases they have used the wood cellulose in place of the bleached white flour and trans fats for emulsifiers and it actually makes the food less toxic but still useless. So you either have poison or wood in your food .  How cool is that?? I recommend getting some fresh stuff that resembles organic real food and shy away from the cartons and packages of rat poison and sawdust.  Eat well!!

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