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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fat Loss Honor Roll and Client Achievements

Leslie, in 3 weeks of personal training, has lost 6.7% bodyfat, 4.5lbs and 2.75 inches from her waist. She also bench pressed 85lbs and trap bar deadlifted 175lbs. She also went from not being able to do a pushup or a deep squat to being able to do a set of 6 full pushups and deep squats. 

Ryan M., in  4 weeks of the strength and conditioning bootcamp, has lost 6.7 % bodyfat, 3lbs, and 1/2 inch from his waist while raising his bench press from 200lbs to 225lbs, 115lb BFR deep squats from 6 reps to 14 reps, plyo tire jumps from 6 to 20 reps

Gloria (8 weeks of bootcamp) can now do full pushups, did a deep front squat with the 80lb sandbag, got the 115LB BFR up to waist height, ran her first set of 4 mailbox sprints in 29-32 seconds and went from a size 14 to a size 10.  

Ryan T., in 5 weeks of personal training, has lost 8.4% body fat, 7lbs and 2 inches from his waist. He also got his first set of 21 reps on the 115lb BFR deep squats and 20 reps on the plyo tire jumps.


March Bootcamp at Smith 2 week progress check

Justina lost 7.9 % body fat

Serena lost 7.4 % body fat

Trina lost 6.2% body fat and 4.6lbs

Eric V. lost 1.8% body fat

Anne lost 1.3 % body fat and 3.8lbs

Great work Everyone!


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