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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Update From The North - The Lenny Saga Continues

Lenny came in for a workout today. He is back for a week visiting family after moving up north around August. If your not familiar with Lenny's Story, he started with the bootcamp at smith in Jan 2010 and trained with me and Gretchen at smith for a few months until he transitioned to the house bootcamp. He started out at 305lbs, 30.5% bodyfat and a 52in waist. When he left in August, he was at 251.5 lbs, 18.7% bodyfat and a 46in waist. Since then,  he has been training on his own and following the exercise and nutrition principles he learned down here and his current numbers are 241.5 lbs, 12.1% bodyfat and a 44in waist. His grand totals since January last year are  63.5lbs lost, 18.4% bodyfat lost and 8 in from his waist lost. Consistency and perseverance are his key strengths. The long, gradual, lifestyle changing exercise and nutrition principles will always be healthier and more productive than short term unhealthy quick fix diets. Once again, Great Job Lenny! He truly sets the example for other to follow. If he can do it, you can too!

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