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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anatomy Of My Weekend Cheat Meal

So after eating real good all week, I had to keep my sanity by getting my standard cheat meal at Logans. This meal falls into my cheat meal category because of parts of the meal. The main course is a house or garden salad with ranch followed by a medium cooked 16oz ribeye steak with steamed broccoli. That part is ok.

But the cheat parts are the rolls with butter and the appetizer sampler with cheese sticks, buffalo chicken fingers and loaded potato skins and diet coke for a drink. So the total calorie count for this meal is unknown but must be huge.

Here are my exaggerated Cheat meal qualifiers.

Cheat qualifier number one: exceeds my standard meal calorie requirement by 10 billion.

Cheat qualifier number two: Parts of it are horrendous for you, yet oh so yummy and therefore I never normally eat it.

Cheat qualifier number three: macronutrient ratio is so ass backwards that you would die from metabolic syndrome if you ate it regularly-example 5 zillion % bad carbs, 4 zillion % trans and saturated fats and 1 zillion % protein.

Cheat qualifier number 4: It has to be so good at the time that you devour it all like a madman but then probably want to throw up and die.

Bottom line is that you have to earn cheat meals. I recommend when starting the program, the 90/10 ratio for 90% of the week you eat super good following the nutrition principles as closely as you can and then 10% of the week you enjoy your taboo items in moderation. As you progress and become better at the nutrition plan and are making good progress, you can switch to a more relaxed 80/20 ratio. It all depends on how serious you are about making the change.

Some people need to use the 80/20 ratio to start with and then progress to the 90/10 ratio. You have to determine what is best for you. There are many different ways to carb cycle and employ cheat meals. My method is simple and works. You should never feel as though you are denying yourself as this will psychologically damage your progress long term. So if you want something, have a bite but don't kill your efforts binging.

Do the best that you can in the beginning and make the nutrition plan and workout routines part of your lifestyle. You should enjoy yourself and never be miserable. Health and fitness is a good, positive thing and it needs to always be viewed that way for you to excel.

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Thanks and enjoy.

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