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Thursday, July 29, 2010

White Flour And Diabetes

 White flour is used in damn near everything we eat in the processed food world. It's in most of the bad carb type foods and many people still bake all sorts of stuff with it. White flour has been around for ages and everyone is familiar with it. But the issue with it is that it has long been linked to the rise in type-2 diabetes and nobody says anything about it. Type-2 diabetes has been on the rise for years while everyone sucks down more white flour. So what does white flour have to do with it all? It's actually not the flour itself but a chemical in the flour called alloxan.

How does alloxan cause diabetes? According to Dr. Hari Sharma's Freedom from Disease, the uric acid derivative initiates free radical damage to DNA in the beta cells of the pancreas, causing the cells to malfunction and die. When these beta cells fail to operate normally, they no longer produce enough insulin, or in other words, they cause one variety of adult-onset type 2 diabetes. Alloxan's harmful effects on the pancreas are so severe that the Textbook of Natural Medicine calls the chemical "a potent beta-cell toxin." However, even though the toxic effect of alloxan is common scientific knowledge in the research community, the FDA still allows companies to use it when processing foods we ingest.

Not everyone will get type-2 diabetes from eating white flour. But if you have a family history of diabetes and a predisposition towards it, then your odds of becoming diabetic are higher. There are numerous other causes of adult-onset type 2 diabetes. The strange thing that can't be overlooked is the wide spread use of white flour, the increased use of processed food containing white flour and the steady rise of adult-onset type 2 diabetes.

Of course, this also has something to do with the rise in obesity levels. As with any increase in sugar levels, the likelyhood of gaining bodyfat is huge. You don't see many skinny pre-diabetic or diabetic people although there are some. It just comes with the territory.
So what do you do? First, stop eating anything with white flour. If you must have flour based food, then use coconut flour, almond meal, flaxseed meal, pecan meal or if you have to - whole grain wheat flour. Anything but white flour. Or avoid the carbs type foods that require flour altogether.

If you are prediabetic or diabetic there are many natural things you can take to lower blood sugar. Check with your doctor before using anything naturally. Some common stuff that has been shown to lower blood sugar are garlic, onions, vitamin E, aloe vera and ginseng amongst many others.

Once again it comes down to eating right and staying away from the garbage in society. Lean proteins, good fats and fibrous carbs are all that you need to be lean and healthy.

So put down the white flour filled, super glazed golden donut and get tracking on good foods and your risks of being diabetic and obese will be dramatically less.

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