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Monday, April 26, 2010

Your Only High Speed if You Do It Right - Today’s Fitness Rant

Your Only High Speed if You Do It Right - Today’s Fitness Rant

So today in the gym, I see a bunch of hot chicks doing a killer crossfit style circuit workout. To the average joe, it all looks real good. But as I noticed what they were doing, I realized that they weren’t as high speed as they appeared. Their form was mediocre and some of the stuff they said they were doing wasn’t even the right exercise. So if your gonna do high speed crossfit style stuff, which is fine when done properly, you need to know how to do the exercises and what they are to begin with. Also you need to have a task and purpose for the workout. Crossfit style workouts are generally known for general physical preparedness.

Doing Olympic / powerlifting exercises with just a bare bar or with pink dumbbells for super high reps / timed sets, makes me scratch my head. There are elements of crossfit and gym jones style training that I incorporate into my program. But I use them for what they are - general physical preparedness conditioning drills. They are great for metabolic resistance training and fat burning as well. But they don’t make you really strong. So when I have people do Olympic / powerlifting exercises, I have them do these drills the way they were meant to be done – with massive weight and for low reps culminating in the one rep max. But to each their own with that stuff.

Another problem I have with the mainstream highspeeders is that many just print off the workout of the day and knock it out. While it’s ok if done properly, many don’t have a plan nor do they know how to do all of the exercises properly with correct form. Example: I watched the highspeeders say they were gonna do kettlebell snatches and then they had their buddy show them how to do it because they didn’t know how. Their buddy showed them a mediocre kettlebell jerk and called it a snatch. Credibility was then a big zero.

Bottom Line – Regardless of which style of training you utilize to become a super ninja jedi, know what the hell your doing and do it right.


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