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Monday, April 26, 2010

Save 13 Percent on Brand New Prograde Metabolism

Yes, Prograde Metabolism is FINALLY here. Woohoo!

And not only is it here, but you can save 13% on it this week only.

Actually, I've got another "not only" for you - there's a very special surprise found on this page that I'm about to show you. But you have to read the entire page to discover it.

Now, as I've been telling you, Prograde Metabolism is a VERY powerful product. But it's for those of us that are currently eating right and exercising. So be sure to read this entire page to see if it's right for you:

Last, Prograde has VERY limited supplies of Metabolism from this initial production run. And because it's a brand new product AND it's on sale, well, there is a rock-solid chance that they will be sold out in no time flat. So if you've been eagerly anticipating Prograde Metabolism like I have you need to get your order in NOW before it's too late.

Don't say I didn't warn you ;-)

Yours in health,


Dempsey's Resolution Fitness

PS - Seriously, I'm not kidding. Thanks to the power of the Internet well over a million people will be discovering Prograde Metabolism the same time you are. Be sure to get your order in and save the 13% right now before you do anything else.

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